V. stamineum, Deerberry, Squaw Huckleberry, Gooseberry


Yellowish to red-brown; glabrous, shaggy pubescent tomentose. (B&B: Winter twigs glossy red, usually puberulent especially near buds). Not Verrucose.


Tan to gray, less than 1mm^ with a short mucro.


Pale to medium green- upper; strongly white-glaucous to yellow-green- lower. Usually, widest above the middle. Margins entire to serrate.


Campanulate, the lobes divided to middle and spreading, this exposing the anthers and pistil (4-6 mm). Lobes purplish, greenish, or white. Coëtaneous. Late March-May.


Various: Greenish, yellowish, dull pink, pale blue or purple- usually markedly glaucous, but darker forms often without bloom and shiny. Sour, bitter or the dark form mildly sweet.


To 4 meters; bark gray and shredding.

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